Types of Concrete Floors

...because all of your options can get confusing, it is best to know what you can do and where you can do it. We have listed examples of our most popular concrete floors below.

exterior stained concrete

Exterior Stained Concrete

Our most cost-effective way to spruce up your bare concrete driveways, walkways, patios or courtyards is to apply a stain to your existing concrete. We then seal the floor with high performance, non-yellowing sealers that will guarantee your floor for years to come.
Ask us about our other solutions for exterior spaces if you are truly looking to completely customize the look of your floor.

Cohills Acid Stain.jpg

Interior Stained Concrete

A commonly desired concrete floor that we place in homes and businesses are interior stained concrete floors. The difference between interior and exterior stained concrete floors are the extra steps we take to create the feel of a "completely finished" surface- although it is a concrete floor, it will seem like you are walking on a pre-fabricated marble or tile; these floors are available in gloss or satin and will be smooth and consistent.

Pearl Metallic EliteCrete.jpg

Metallic Epoxy

The beauty of metallic epoxy floors begin with their design versatility- they can be made into contemporary floors or they can be extremely edgy and different. The picture shown is one with pearl pigments. See our gallery for examples of many more types of metallic epoxy designs available.

concrete overlay faux flagstone


Overlays are generally used in exterior spaces and there are hundreds of different types- faux flagstone, Kool deck, Pebble tech and stamped. Contact us to learn more about all of your overlay options when remodeling your exterior spaces. Overlays can also work in basements to create an "underground" feel

Garage floor epoxy coating Arizona (10).jpg

Garage Floors

The most common type of garage floors we install are "full-paint chip" epoxy floors.
We also offer other cost-effective solutions for garages including two-coat, single color floors that will offer a dust-proof, water-proof and easy-to-clean floor for years to come

quartz epoxy flooring APF

Quartz Flooring

Commonly used in commercial settings in areas where an aesthetically-pleasing, yet highly functional floor is desired. These floors possess superior impact and abrasion resistance, and also maintain non-slip properties throughout the years.

They are usually accompanied with an integral cove base for easy clean-ability and maintenance. The lack of seams in these floors make for a naturally anti-microbial surface.


Epoxy Chip Flooring

Commonly used in garages, chip floors can be functional in many other spaces as well.
These floors consist of an epoxy primer, base coat, paint chip coverage to 100% with a coat of sealer to lock the chips in place and a high performing, scratch-resistant polyurethane top coat.

solid color epoxy APF

Standard Epoxy

Our standard epoxy floors are comprised of 3 layers- primer, body and topcoat. This allows for a simple, yet high-performing floor finish.
These floors are available for use almost anywhere: interior home, exterior, commercial/industrial.

polished concrete floor

Polished Concrete

The most cost-effective way to dress-up large spaces is to polish the existing slab. Through a series of grinding, polishing and chemical treatments, we are able to transform a boring concrete slab into a brilliant piece of floor.