Color Charts

One the most exciting parts of choosing a new floor is selecting your own design and color. Shown below are the different types of flooring we offer as well as the color options. If you are still unsure as to what color chart to look at, please check out the “Types of Concrete Floors” fast-link page to decide which type of concrete floor will suit you best.

One of the differentiating factors that set us apart from our competitors are our ability to produce and present, 2’x2’ custom sample boards based on your color selections so you can easily decide what colors and design will look best in your space. In some cases, we offer on-site, mock-up (sample) sections if you are truly set on seeing your floor in place before buying it. We hope to offer peace of mind and comfort that will allow first-timers to understand how diverse and beautiful a concrete floor can be as well as the many forms it can take to produce a unique, desirable finish in your environment;


Color Chrome® also known as “Metallic”
- Below -

Standard Colors
Also available in white or black.



Color Quartz



Granitex (Color Chips)

Interior Stain Colors
- Rich Tones -



Stain Colors
- Interior and Exterior -